Our aim is to provide free and enjoyable transport to people with disabilities in our community, helping relieve the increasing problem of social isolation.

*There is no charge to disabled residents living in our area for journeys up to 20 miles away from Haddenham, although donations are always appreciated. For those living outside this area a charge is made towards running costs at 70p per vehicle mile.

Launched in 2015, the Haddenham Community Vehicle provides a personal transport service to people having difficulty accessing public and private vehicles. There is easy access for wheelchair users who can sit safely alongside our drivers.

You can call our coordinator to book a door-to-door trip to the shops, to relatives and friends or to the medical centre, clinics or hospitals. Our service is provided by trained volunteers and, for clients living within Haddenham and the surrounding villages. There is no charge – though, as a charity, we always welcome donations!

See a video of the vehicle in action below

If you would like to use the Haddenham Community Vehicle then please call our co-ordinator on 07483 806171  or email haddenhamcv@gmail.com

Registered Charity number 1166286