About Us

How It All Began

The idea for this project arose out of an incident whilst transporting a friend with Multiple Sclerosis to his Physiotherapy. As his condition deteriorated, the strength in his legs was insufficient to enable him to stand.   In the process of transferring to my car, I was unable to stop him sliding out of my hands. I realised at this point that his transportation in the future would have to be whilst still in his wheelchair.

From my viewpoint as a retired General Practitioner in the village, I knew there were others that were wheelchair bound and probably faced the same issues in transport. It became clear that to find a vehicle only for one person when others could benefit too would be a waste of resources.

Building Momentum

An initial gathering of interested parties demonstrated that there was immediate support for the idea from sufferers, carers and local authority officials. This led me to Community Impact Bucks (CIB), a charitable organisation that has funding from the local council to support new ventures with resources in information and training as well as helping to find funding. It was clear too that to do this properly would require a committee, a community bank account and a lot of organisation.

By November 2014, a committee was pulled together comprised of myself (chair), Peter Quilleash (business lead), David Hammond (fund raising lead), Neil Dury (Stats), Keith Linger (Treasurer), Jean Watson (experienced vehicle user), Jacky Keates (banking) and Sarah Warren (secretary). One of the most notable features of this project is the enthusiasm of the committee and the support of all those with whom we have had contact.

Over the next few months, with some oversight from CIB, documentation about the need for the vehicle, project planning, opening a community bank account, and beginning to seek funding took place. Funds have come from the Fish scheme, Haddenham Fete, Haddenham Beer Festival, and a grant from Heart of Bucks through Prevention Matters (Bucks County Council) as well as a number of individuals. Now in October 2015, with funding applications successful, we have a vehicle on the road and a co-ordinator, Mrs Sue Brigham.

On March 30th 2016, we were registered with the Charity Commission, numbered 1166286.

But this is just the end of the beginning! We hope to provide a first class service to the disabled in our community and relieve, what we see as a disease in our culture, social isolation.

Dr Hugh Stradling